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EMKA Beschlagteille has solutions for industrial control cabinet construction and enclosure construction for every customer requirement. We offer visible, i.e. external hinges and invisible, i.e. internal hinges. EMKA hinges can be used for surface-mounted or internal doors on single cabinets or in-line cabinets with single or double doors. EMKA hinges are available in numerous materials (stainless steel, steel, GdZn / Zamak or polyamide) and surfaces (chrome-plated, galvanised, ground or black powder-coated). EMKA Beschlagteille is now available in Malaysia via SH Chooi Fasteners. SH Chooi Fasteners is the official EMKA Beschlagteille distributor and subsidiary in Malaysia. Contact us to find out more! 

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Specifications Met Product Name Sku Package Quantity Action
DIN 7046-1, DIN 7046-2, DIN 7047, ISO 7047EMKA Hinge, Zinc die black powder-coated; 1054-U91054-U910